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Learning Environment for Pathology Trainees (LEPT)

Chemical Pathology, Histopathology, Medical Microbiology and Virology

The Learning Environment for Pathology Trainees (LEPT) is a web-based system for workplace-based assessment and multi-source feedback (MSF), which also includes an e-Portfolio to support the ARCP process.

It is for Specialty Registrars (StRs) appointed to one of the following from August 2007:
a. a specialty training programme with a National Training Number (NTN)
b. a fixed term specialty training appointment (FTSTA)
c. a locum appointment for training (LAT)

The LEPT system should also be used by trainees who have transferred to any of the pathology curricula approved in 2010 and beyond by the General Medical Council (GMC).

The LEPT system

LEPT Development Focus Group

Adobe PDF (109k)LEPT system - FAQs, V5, Oct 2011

Adobe PDF (109k)Guidance notes in the use of the LEPT system - for trainees, Nov 2011

Microsoft Word (142k)Word version of the above guidance notes, with high-quality images

These notes contain guidance and screenshots to help trainees to use the LEPT system. (NB The PDF is 70 pages/2.8 MB and may take time to download. The quality of the screenshots is low, but sufficient when used alongside the LEPT system on screen. The Word version is very large (6.6 MB) and will take far longer to download.)

Multi-source feedback (MSF)

Microsoft Word (142k)LEPT proforma – potential assessors for workplace-based assessment (V9)

This proforma is to be used to record names of potential assessors who are not listed on the LEPT system.

For general enquiries about the LEPT system, please contact:

Sandra Dewar
Assessment Manager
0207 451 6765


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