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Clinical effectiveness

"Clinical effectiveness is the extent to which specific interventions, when deployed in the field for a particular patient or population, do what they are intended to do, for example, maintain and improve health and secure the greatest possible health gain from available sources." Department of Health

The Clinical Effectiveness Department will define and measure standards with the aim of improving the standard of pathology practice.

1. Regularise the standard setting process
The College is a standard setting body that produces guidance on clinical effectiveness. The Clinical Effectiveness Department will develop collaborative processes for the development of guidance on clinical effectiveness topics and ensure the products achieve national NICE accreditation.

2. Establish coherent standard measurement across pathology
Standards are currently measured in many ways by different individuals and bodies. The Clinical Effectiveness Department aims to pull together the disparate measurements (e.g., clinical audit, national audit, quality assurance systems) into a clearly defined and understandable system. The current components and actions for each are listed. The process of clarifying these will require review and this will take some time.

3. Secure the authority of RCPath as the central authority of standards of pathology
This will be achieved by making allegiances and networks with appropriate bodies.

4. Embed clinically effective pathology into practice
Sustained collaborative involvement in the National Clinical Leadership programme along with our partners (the Royal College of Radiologists, Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and the National Pathology Programme) we will develop and encourage the leaders of today and the future to enable them to meet challenges and share good practice. The programme is jointly funded.

The Royal College of Pathologists aims to develop and deliver an enhanced range of clinical effectiveness activities in order to that establish the role of promote clinical effectiveness in pathology. These activities currently include:

Clinical audit
Cancer datasets and tissue pathways
KPI (Key performance indicators)
Pathology Catalogues
Working with the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) on the development of guidelines, health technology appraisals and quality standards and diagnostics assessment
Pathology demand optimisation
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