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Joint Working Group for Quality Assessment in Pathology

Chair: David James

Pat Twomey (Vice-chair)
Tim Reynolds (Immediate Past Chair)
Richard Soutar (Haematology)
Tony Elston (Microbiology)
Mark Gompels (Immunology)
Mike Griffiths (Genetics)
Patrick Twomey (Chemical Pathology)
Bryan Woodward (Reproductive Science)
David Hughes (Cellular Pathology)
Ben Courtney(UKAS)
David Ricketts (IBMS)
Tania Ribbitts (Private Sector)
Elizabeth Dormandy (NSC)
David Worthington (NSC alternate)

The Joint Working Group for Quality Assessment in Pathology is a multidisciplinary group accountable to the College for the oversight of performance in external quality assessment (EQA) schemes and monitoring of the EQA performance of clinical laboratories in the UK. This is achieved via discipline specific panels which report to the Joint Working Group. In turn, the Joint Working Group will work with failing laboratories but is also bound to report persistent poor performance to the Care Quality Commission.

Member details
Terms of reference
Conditions of EQA Scheme Participation
Annual Reports

National Quality Assessment Advisory Panels

Microbiology Panel
Haematology Panel
Chemical Pathology Panel
Cellular Pathology Panel
Genetics Panel
Immunology Panel
Reproductive Sciences Panel


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