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Please click on the category that applies to you. You will be asked to log into the College website so that your information can be processed securely. If you do not have an account please register for one using the blue Register button in the top right hand corner.

The Royal College of Pathologists offers :-

Apply for Affiliate membership (UK)

Affiliate membership of the College is open to non-Fellows working in pathology who wish to be linked with the activities of the College and to register to the CPD scheme. Click here for a complete list of subscription fees and here for benefits.


Register for CPD Scheme (Overseas Fellow, Diplomate or Associate)

Please note that if you are planning to or currently taking exams you are not eligible to participate in the CPD scheme. An additional fee is charged Overseas Fellows, UK Diplomates and UK Associates wishing to participate in the CPD scheme. Click here for a complete list of subscription fees.


Register for CPD Scheme (UK RCPath Fellow)
For existing CPD paper portfolio users you do not need to re-register to use the online CPD portfolio. Simply select 'CPD' from the left hand menu and then select 'Online CPD portfolio'. You must be logged in to access your online CPD portfolio

For those wishing to participate in the CPD scheme for the first time please click the above link 'Register for CPD Scheme (UK RCPath Fellow)'

To register for the CPD scheme you must have completed training. There is no additional cost for UK Fellows who wish to join the CPD scheme.

Trainees please note:
If you are still in formal training or undertaking College exams you are not required or eligible to register for the Royal College of Pathologists’ CPD scheme.


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