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The purpose of revalidation is to assure patients and the public, employers and other healthcare professionals that licensed doctors are up to date and fit to practise. Revalidation will involve a continuing evaluation of your fitness to practise and will be based on local systems of appraisal and clinical governance.

In order to maintain your licence to practise you will be expected to have at least one appraisal per year that is based on the General Medical Council’s (GMC) core guidance for doctors, Good Medical Practice. Licensed doctors will need to maintain a portfolio of supporting information drawn from their practice which demonstrates how they are continuing to meet the requirements set out in the Good Medical Practice Framework for appraisal and revalidation.

The GMC has set out its generic requirements for medical practice and appraisal in three main documents. These are supported by guidance from the medical Royal Colleges and faculties, which give the specialty context for the supporting information required for appraisal.

Doctors should ensure they are familiar with the following:
Good Medical Practice
Good Medical Practice Framework for appraisal and revalidation
GMC Supporting information for appraisal and revalidation
Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Core specialty guidance on supporting information for appraisal and revalidation
Royal College of Pathologists' guidance on supporting information for appraisal and revalidation for pathologists, June 2014

Who does revalidation affect?

All doctors with a licence to practise on the GMC register, including those in specialist training and those on the specialist register.

When does revalidation start?

Revalidation goes live from Monday 3 December 2012.

Based on plans developed by the four UK countries, the GMC currently expects the following timing to be followed:
• Responsible Officers and other medical leaders, including the four Chief Medical Officers of the UK and the Chair of the GMC, first in early 2013
• about a fifth of licensed doctors between April 2013 and the end of March 2014
• the majority of all licensed doctors by the end of March 2016
• and all remaining licensed doctors by the end of March 2018.

Revalidation Advice

The College is able to provide revalidation advice to Responsible Officers, appraisers and individual doctors from a specialty specific perspective. The advice service is co-ordinated by the Professional Standards Unit that acts a central port of call. Most advice will be given via email.

If you require advice please email or call 020 7451 6742.

Useful documents

Quality Assurance of Medical Appraisers - Engagement, training and assurance of medical appraisers in England

Quality Assurance of Medical Appraisers - Appendices

Information Management for Medical Revalidation in England


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