The College is committed to engaging its members across the UK. As part of the College’s work to improve communications between colleagues and their regional advisors, we are looking to recruit new regional specialty representatives in all English regions.

The primary purpose of these roles is to improve the flow of local information from regional colleagues in the different specialties to their Regional Advisors. This will enable us to better reflect local knowledge and interests at the England Regional Council and consequently College Council via the regionally elected members.

We are looking to appoint enthusiastic individuals to undertake this work and hope this is something that interests you. The role is an opportunity to increase your region's involvement in the wider community and help the College build a stronger national profile for pathology.

Key aspects of the role include:

  • raising developments or issues on a specialty specific basis to the Regional Advisor
  • disseminating information from the College to the regional team and existing networks within the specialty
  • collaborating with other regional specialty representatives in your region
  • a time commitment of less than an hour per week.


Recruitment for the role is now taking place and Fellows or Affiliate (Higher) Members are encouraged to self-nominate for England Regional Council (ERC) Regional Specialty Representative posts, taking up office immediately for a period of three years from the date of appointment. Senior Trainees will not be excluded from applying but consideration will be needed as to whether they can commit to the role over a period of time. 

The applications will be reviewed by the appropriate Regional Advisor.            

Please refer to the Regional Specialty Representative role description for further information on the eligibility criteria, responsibilities and support for the role.


To apply for the role, please submit a short statement of interest (we recommend one side of A4) and up-to-date CV to Jessica Zago, Regional Coordinator at the College: or 020 7451 6766.

A role description, including eligibility criteria and reporting structure, is available below (login required).