Trainee Representative posts

We would like to hear from trainees interested in having an active role on the Trainees’ Advisory Committee.  The committee is made up of trainees representing all specialties, with representatives from all the College's regions. You will also be an active member of the specialty committee by participating in discussions and informing the committee of the views of the trainees in the specialty.

Why should I apply?

This is a great opportunity for you to make a difference, with a chance to collate opinions from other trainees about how your specialty is organised and share your thoughts with the College Officers.  It is also a chance for you to network with your peers, get involved with the College and support your professional development.

What roles are available?

  • Veterinary Pathology Trainee Representative - We would like to hear from enthusiastic Veterinary Pathology trainees who wish to represent the SAC on Veterinary Pathology and the Trainees' Advisory Committee. One position is available for Veterinary Microbiology. Please note that the Veterinary Microbiology role is for one year in the first instance. The representative would be expected to share attendance at meetings with the Veterinary Clinical Pathology representative to ensure that trainee issues are raised. Further details regarding this role can be found here:

  • Medical Virology Representative - We would like to hear from trainees wishing to represent the SAC on Medical Virology and the Trainees' Advisory Committee. The representative would be responsible for raising issues arising from a trainee perspective and feeding back to Virology trainees.

What's the Commitment?

To take part, you will need to attend the Trainees' Advisory Committee twice a year (providing an update report on the meetings attended on behalf your SAC), and the Specialty Advisory Committee meeting (usually twice a year) to give the trainees' perspective. 

How do I apply? 

Please complete the application form below and return it to by 5pm on Thursday 28 February 2019.