The College believes it is important to provide Members and Fellows opportunities to contribute to College work. During the College’s England Regional Council (ERC) review of regional representation (May 2016), a need was identified to strengthen links with Members and Fellows at hospital/Trust level. It was recognised that representation needed to be ‘democratised’ across the varying size and scale of hospitals across the College’s 11 England regions (based on HEE LETB regional boundaries). Imbalanced representation between smaller hospitals and specialties can often have unintended consequences and this is something the ERC wanted to address.  

It was agreed that a Local College Representative would be well-placed to enhance information and communication flows at a local level.  More specifically, the role would entail distributing College information, occasionally sharing information and reporting back on local issues with their Regional Advisor. The role would, in effect, be acting as a mandated representative of the College.

Apply now and get involved locally for the College 

Recruitment for the role is now taking place and Fellows or Affiliate Members are encouraged to self-nominate for England Regional Council (ERC) Local College Representative posts taking up office from November 2017 until the Annual General Meeting in November 2020. Senior Trainees will not be excluded from applying but consideration will be needed as to whether they can commit to the role over a period of time.  

The applications will be reviewed by the appropriate Regional Advisor.             

Please refer to the Local College Representative Role Description for further information on the eligibility criteria, responsibilities and support for the role.

How to apply

Potential candidates are asked to submit a short (one side of A4) statement of interest and a current CV to Jessica Zago (, Regional Coordinator.

A role description, including eligibility criteria and reporting structure, is available below (login required).