Clinical Science Trainee Representative (deputy)

Location: UK

What does the role entail?

A deputy clinical science representative is invited to attend the Trainees' Advisory Committee and the Clinical Science Committee. The deputy will also work with the current representative, Dr Louise Jones, to provide trainee representation at the National School of Healthcare Scientists Life Sciences Themed Board, with one member attending the TAC meetings at a time. Your role would be to represent the views of your colleagues and ensure you put in place robust processes for your colleagues to feedback and to communicate with the School. The board meets three times a year in Birmingham (travel expenses are covered by the NSHS), in addition to meetings of the TAC and Clinical Science Committee.


Why should I apply?

Make a difference – work with other trainees in your specialty, network with your peers, get involved with the College’s work and support your professional development.

What’s the commitment?

• Co-ordinate attendance at the Trainees’ Advisory Committee with the lead Clinical Science trainee representative
• Co-ordinate attendance at three meetings of the NSHS Life Sciences Themed Board per year with the lead Clinical Science trainee representative
• Attendance at two half day meetings of the Clinical Science Committee per year
• Submission of a short written report to each meeting.

How do I apply?

Please complete the nomination form below and submit this to by 5pm on Friday 29 November 2019.


Clare Young
020 7451 6729