Performance reviewers for invited reviews

Location: UK

Why should I apply?

  • You will find helping to resolve difficult and sensitive performance and  team working issues rewarding and fulfilling 
  • You will find the whole experience provides valuable learning and one that will contribute to your own personal development 
  • You will be representing the Royal College of Pathologists and helping colleagues and their departments, thereby making a significant contribution to improving patient safety 

Who should apply?

  • UK based Fellows of the Royal College of Pathologists 
  • We are looking primarily for Fellows within cellular pathology and haematology (since most invited reviews concern those specialties) and would welcome applications from those in other specialties 
  • A goal is to enhance inclusivity and diversity and so we would encourage applicants from varied ethnic backgrounds and pathologists who identify as female apply to be part of our invited review teams 

What does the role entail?

  • You will be part of small review teams which will work with employing organisations to identify and define the nature and concerns and issues   
  • Invited reviews normally last for two consecutive days and can take place anywhere in the UK
  • You will conduct a series of interviews with all those concerned and contribute to the draft report

How do I apply?

Shane Johns