The Furness Prize for Science Communication 2018

This Furness Prize for Science Communication is now closed. It will reopen in Spring 2019.

What is the Furness Prize?

The Furness Prize for Science Communication is an award given to a pathology trainee or undergraduate who has shown excellence in their science communication activities throughout the year.

The aims and objectives of the award are to:

  • cultivate awareness amongst pathology trainees and undergraduates about the importance of public engagement 
  • reward and recognise trainees and undergraduates who have undertaken sustained high-quality science communication activities

A prize of £200 is generously awarded to the winner of the competition, funded by the previous College President Professor Peter Furness (2008-2011).

The winner will be invited to receive their prize at the College's New Fellow's Ceremony in London on 7 February 2019. The winner will be able to bring a guest and the cost of travel to the ceremony will be reimbursed by the College.

Furness Prize 2018 winners

2018 was the first year that undergraduates could be awarded the Furness Prize for Science Communication, and it was also the first year that saw two nominees be awarded for the prize.

Navin and Bogdan first engaged with the Royal College of Pathologists by attending the annual Pathology Summer School run by the College in 2016. They were inspired by the public engagement session delivered by Suzy Lishman and decided to get involved in National Pathology Week (NPW). They’ve organised activities for NPW ever since, and have, to date, engaged with over 1,750 members of the public and 500 school/college students across Devon and Cornwall. 

Their initial event in 2016 has inspired numerous students from across the UK to get involved in organising and supporting NPW over the years. One example is a series of events organised by students at UCL, who collaborated with Navin and Bogdan to raise awareness of careers in pathology across London. They were subsequently invited to deliver the public engagement session at the Pathology Summer School in 2017 where they shared experiences and offered support to attendees.

The two students have been involved in numerous other science communication activities including “Talk Cancer” which involved working with a local cancer charity to produce a book for cancer patients, written by cancer patients with honest reflections, monologues, poems and artwork to portray the range of emotions and thoughts during a cancer journey. 

Nominated by former College President, Dr Suzy Lishman CBE, said "the fact that they have achieved so much while still medical students is remarkable. I hope their enthusiasm for pathology leads them to a career in the specialty. It was a pleasure to nominate them for this prize and I look forward to following their future endeavours."