Volunteering opportunities

Want to get involved in public engagement but don't know where to start? Why not consider participating in events organised by the College. These are an excellent way to enhance your communication skills and inspire future generations. Please get in touch to find out more or show your interest.

Careers talks in schools for NHS70

We’re encouraging pathologists around the UK to give a careers talk in a school in June or July. This is part of an initiative being led by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges in association with Speakers4Schools, and supports the College’s programme of activity to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the NHS. The aim is to develop a programme of school visits by senior health and care staff to talk about their work and to encourage children and young people to work in the NHS.

Speakers would give a talk at a secondary school during June/July.  The ‘logistics’ would be facilitated by Speakers4Schools. But if you would like to take part please email publicengagement@rcpath.org with your name, job title, organisation and location and we will then put you in touch with the team at Speakers4Schools. There are opportunities to give talks in schools throughout the year via this scheme so it doesn’t have to be a one-off! We are keen to help facilitate a real buzz of activity around pathology careers in schools during the NHS70 celebrations; we will be launching our brand new careers resources around that time as the anniversary offers a fantastic platform for highlighting opportunities in pathology to young people.

For more information please get in touch. Further details about the scheme can be found on the Speakers4Schools website.

Birmingham Schools Event

A science cluster in Birmingham is looking for support on 19 June in running a Great Science Share satellite event at Nelson Mandela School, Birmingham. The cluster are looking for help with their Ask the Scientist tables, where children can take part in a 5 minute table-top activity whilst having the chance to meet different scientists. Volunteers will need to prepare a small practical for the table, and children can ask them questions on it as they take part. If you need help thinking of practical ideas for this activity, see our activity and resources page. If you would like to volunteer, please email publicengagement@rcpath.org.

Discovery Day at Edward Jenner’s House

The College has been invited to get involved in a special Discovery Day event at Dr Edward Jenner’s House in Gloucestershire on 27th August, and we’d like members to join us to run some interactive activities to help visitors understand the links between the work of Jenner, and what pathologists do today. The event is a ‘science discovery day’ that aims to use Jenner’s story to inspire a new generation of scientists. Primarily aimed at children and families, but suitable for all ages, the museum team is inviting organisations to come to the event to either run an interactive activity throughout the day or to deliver a short presentation (or both!).

We would like to run a version our ‘There once was a Cow called Blossom’ activity, either as a short timed demonstration/ talk, or as a drop-in practical activity that visitors can try out in groups with the help of pathologists. Alongside this we would like some pathologists to run activities or give talks that highlight the kind of work they do today, and give some thought to what Jenner might be doing if he was alive today.

We are looking for up to six pathologists to support delivery of the Blossom the Cow activity and/or to give a talk or run another activity they create themselves. The College’s public engagement manager, Penny Fletcher will attend the event and provide support for members wishing to develop a talk or new activity.

Travel and any other out of pocket expenses, including materials for demonstrations/ activities, would be covered by the College. The event runs from 11:00 to 16:00. Set-up and briefing would be from 9.30am. If you would like to take part please email publicengagement@rcpath.org by 20 July. 

Blood and Bugs Event at Highclere Castle

The College is running its ‘Blood and Bugs’ activities at a special World War 1 centenary event, Heroes at Highclere in Berkshire on 8th and  9th September 2018 and we are offering up to 10 volunteer opportunities for haematologists and microbiologists to help us run these activities, originally developed for a UK-wide programme delivered in partnership with the BBC in 2014. You’ll be briefed in advance and will be supported at the event by lead facilitators from the College’s public engagement team and from the Ministry of Defence, who are bringing both pathologists and biomedical scientists from their MoD labs to help run the activities. All of your travel and meal expenses will be covered. Where necessary we will also cover costs of accommodation. Please get in touch as soon as possible if you are able to help with our Blood and Bugs activities at Highclere Castle on either or both of these dates. Please include your full name, specialty and availability over the weekend when you contact us.