Other Opportunities

There are lots of ready-made science communication initiatives taking place around the country and all they need is you to bring pathology to the public. So why not contact them about taking part, its a really easy way to get involved in public engagement!

Café Scientifique

Café Scientifique is a place where, for the price of a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, anyone can come to explore the latest ideas in science and technology. Meetings take place in cafes, bars, restaurants and even theatres, but always outside a traditional academic context.
There are Café Scientifiques already set up around the country so this event is organised for you! All you would need to do is approach the organiser about being a speaker and turn up on the night with about a 20 minute talk. This is normally followed with an informal Q&A session over some drinks. This is a really easy way to get involved in public engagement and tell the public about the importance of the work which pathologists do.
Visit the Café Scientifique website to find your local venue and enquire about getting involved.

Bright Club

Bright Club is a science communication initiative created by University College London (UCL). It involves combining the skills of a bunch of interesting comedians and musicians with the fascinating scientists who work at UCL and showcasing them on a stage in front of an attractive and intelligent public audience! It has been so successful that they are now facilitating ‘Bright Clubs’ across the country. So if you are good at telling a story about your work why not contact publicengagement@ucl.ac.uk to find a Bright Club near you or enquire about how you can get involved.


STEMNET creates opportunities to inspire young people in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through their STEM Ambassador scheme. You can register online to become a STEM Ambassador and promote your skills to young learners, actively encourage them to enjoy STEM subjects, and inform them about the unique career opportunities that are available to them.

By volunteering as an Ambassador, you could be opening up life-changing opportunities for many young people in your area. Anyone who has a desire to inspire children and young people in STEM subjects can become an Ambassador. The main qualities that all Ambassadors share are enthusiasm and commitment, along with a passion for what they do.

Once you have registered you will get a free CRB check and then you can participate either by arranging your own events or by taking part in events organised by others. You will receive a monthly newsletter detailing events in your area which need ambassadors and then all you have to do is turn up and use your passion for science to inspire future generations.

To find out more or register to be an Ambassador, visit the STEMNET website.