17 November 2023

Were you a trainee who used the old LEPT system? The old LEPT platform will cease to exist on 15 December 2023, so ePortfolio training records must be downloaded before this date.

College members who used the old LEPT system during their training are invited to download all their ePortfolio training items to their own device – this includes workplace-based assessments, multi-source feedback (MSF), educational supervisor’s structure reports (ESSR), etc. Downloading must be done by 15 December 2023.

Following the above date, the old LEPT system will cease to exist, and all content will be irretrievably deleted.

Members who used the old LEPT system as part of their training will belong to one of the following specialties:

  • chemical pathology
  • diagnostic neuropathology
  • forensic histopathology
  • histopathology
  • medical microbiology
  • oral maxillofacial pathology training
  • paediatric and perinatal pathology
  • medical virology

For further instructions, please contact the LEPT team, at the very latest, by 10 December 2023 so that you can download your whole ePortfolio before the old LEPT system ceases to exist on 15 December 2023