8 February 2018

RCPath has partnered with South West London Pathology to create new video resources for patients, students and the general public to explain what happens when blood and other samples are sent off for tests

Filming is underway at South West London Pathology as the Royal College of Pathologists and South West London Pathology team up to create new video resources for patients, students and the general public.

The videos will follow the journey of four different types of sample through the hospital labs. So far filming has taken place in two laboratories; the first video looks at what happens to a blood sample in the Clinical Blood Sciences lab, and the second tracks a biopsy sample on its journey through the cellular pathology lab. More filming is planned to create videos on how testing is carried out in haematology and medical microbiology labs.

The College President Professor Jo Martin is keen to champion and celebrate the experts who are behind the care and diagnosis that happens in the laboratory. In line with this, these videos showcase the incredible people working in hospital labs, as well as demonstrating the technology and processes that are also involved.

We are planning to launch the videos in the near future, sharing them on social media and promoting them on our website as a free resource.

If you think your laboratory has an interesting sample journey that patients and the general public would like to know about, get in contact with the Public Engagement team at publicengagement@rcpath.org