Today is International Women’s Day (IWD)

The day seeks to highlight the achievement of women in all walks of life, as well as act as a catalyst for positive change when it comes to gender equality.

At the College, we are taking part in IWD by celebrating inspirational women in pathology – and we're asking our members, supporters and partners to join in. 

  • Download and print our 'Celebrating women in pathology' sign. 
  • Take a photo with the woman that has inspired you. She could be your colleague, a family member, trainee, teacher or anyone who you feel has contributed to your professional journey and influenced you to become a pathologist.
  • Share your photo on Twitter and/or Facebook using the hashtags #IWD2018 and #pathology. Remember to tag the College on Twitter and Facebook too! 

Women at the College celebrating for IWD 2018.


Women in pathology

Across the pathology specialties as a whole, women account for 47% of the total number of consultant pathologists in the UK. In some specialties such as Paediatric Pathology, Transfusion Medicine and Medical Microbiology, female pathologists account for as much as 60% of the consultant workforce.

Figures for the College’s registered trainees show an even stronger representation of women coming through the ranks – 64% of registered trainees are female, with Histopathology (68%), Clinical Biochemistry (59%) and Paediatric and Perinatal Pathology (100%) being clear front-runners amongst female specialty trainees.

Download and print our sign for your photo

Make sure you get pathology into the frame by using our 'Celebrating women in pathology' sign in your photo.