This five day update course is designed for pathologists at Consultant and Senior Trainees applying for Consultant jobs. The course is slanted towards practical diagnostic histopathology, providing a comprehensive coverage of the histopathology of breast disease, with special emphasis on areas which pose diagnostic difficulties.

Specific skills and knowledge that the participants will acquire during the course:
•    Report breast biopsies according to the Guidelines of the Royal College of Pathologists
•    Identify the best way for dealing with the breast gross specimens, including those that have been treated by neo-adjuvant chemotherapy
•    Provide the Oncologists with accurately determined predictive and prognostic factors
•    Acquire the ability to confidently reach a diagnosis in difficult and border-line lesions
•    Discuss how to use immunohistochemistry to establish the diagnosis in difficult cases and accurately assess hormone receptors and HER2 status of breast carcinoma
•    Recognise the pitfalls that may be encountered when dealing with core and vacuum-assisted biopsies
•    Have an update knowledge of the recent literature dealing with diagnostic histopathology of breast disease
•    Appreciate the impact of basic research and molecular genetics on diagnostic breast pathology.


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