ECDP is now the premier not-for-profit digital pathology event in Europe, traditionally held biennially but to be held annually from 2018 onwards due to rapid growth of the field of digital pathology. The event will comprise the main congress, satellite contests, and industrial exhibitions.

For the first time, ECDP 2019 will feature research papers and clinical abstracts peer-reviewed in a doubly-blind manner, providing an exceptional opportunity to present and learn about cutting-edge research and developments in the field of digital pathology for students, trainees, academics, clinicians, and industry representatives.

The congress theme will be Accelerating Clinical Deployment, with a focus on computational pathology and leveraging the power of big data and artificial intelligence to bridge the gaps between research, development, and clinical uptake.

As well as academic research and clinical abstracts, ECDP 2019 will feature keynote talks and industrial exhibitions showcasing latest advances and emerging trends in digital and computational pathology. We look forward to welcoming you at the scenic Warwick campus.