The Golden Hour Conference in association with the Royal College of Pathologists is a meeting for key figures in the field of pre-hospital trauma ranging from clinicians, radiologists, pathologists and representatives of HM coroner - in fact, anyone who is interested in helping the clinical pre-hospital world understand more fully the causes of death in injured patients. 

This conference will mark a new era in transforming current knowledge and understanding of why patients die from traumatic injury. It will be significant in helping to change the culture of working between clinicians, radiologists, pathologists and coroners in the area of death from injury in order to build a case for change in this area, as well as prompting the development of new therapies and strategies that could reduce the number of deaths from severe injury. We invite this global community of practice to meet together along with exciting speakers from across the disciplines of pre-hospital, pathology and virtual autopsy, to discuss how best to understand and study this important field.


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