A warm welcome to this myeloma information event which offers you the opportunity to find out more about myeloma, its diagnosis, staging and best practice along with new developments on modifying therapy. The event brings three top clinical experts in the field to Guernsey who, after they have delivered their presentations, will be available for an “ask the expert” session.
Myeloma is a complex cancer to diagnose and treat and this information event aims to enable you to update your knowledge and equip you to better provide support for patients and their families in Guernsey at diagnosis and through treatment.

This event has been organised by the Guernsey Multiple Myeloma Support Group which was established in 2016. It is a registered Guernsey charity and receives no direct funding. It meets monthly to provide support and information to myeloma patients and families on the island. Its second aim is to increase awareness and education about the disease. This event has also been partially funded by monies received from the Guernsey Lottery, for which we are extremely grateful.


For more information or to book a palace at the event please email: sfelmingham64@googlemail.com