Presentation by Dr Maeve Rahilly on a complicated breast seroma case.

Learning outcome: Unusual breast FNA cases found in Diagnostic Cytology

Annual report by Dr Louise Smart on the EQA scheme and the results recorded by each Scottish lab.

Presentation of 5 Circulating Slide cases by junior medics showing interesting and unusual abnormalities . These presentations will provide additional knowledge to delegates in their daily diagnostic duties.

Presentation by Steve Court on Whole Population HPV primary screening. Learning outcome: what lies ahead for the Scottish labs next year. Good to hear about their experiences and learn from them.

Dr Anthony Maddox-benefits of ROSE and how to achieve best outcomes for sample preparation and diagnosis which is an area some labs do not participate in .

Update from Allan Wilson on our conversion to HPV primary testing-good to find out all that is happening when 5 out of the 7 labs will not be providing this cover.