The diagnosis of soft tissue tumors can be a significant challenge (even for experienced pathologists) because of their rarity, the broad morphological spectrum of mesenchymal tumors, and overlap with other soft tissue tumors and non-mesenchymal neoplasms. The discovery of specific immunohistochemical markers and molecular genetic alterations drives the evolution of soft tissue tumor classification. If you are a surgical pathologist who struggles with accurate diagnosis of these challenging neoplasms, this is the course for you! Learn from experts in an intimate mentoring environment that simulates clinical sign out.


  • Refine skills in diagnosing a wide range of soft tissue tumors.
  • Select appropriate panels of immunohistochemical markers for soft tissue tumors.
  • Enhance interpretation of results of molecular genetic studies in the context of histology of soft tissue tumours.


Copthorne Tara Hotel, London Kensington