Since the ICVI’s last meeting in 2017 the impact of immunotherapy has been dramatic and extensive involving many new tumour types. This meeting will discuss issues including the many specific agents such as IDO inhibitors, Cannabinoid derived drugs, immune immodulators and CAR-T cell immunotherapy.

Experts at our previous meeting agreed that all immunotherapies could benefit from combinations. Five speakers showed enhanced responses to vaccines with the addition of low dose cyclophosphamide even though the doses and regimens were different. We will build on this during the 2019 symposium.

Key themes of the 2019 symposium will be:

  • How Check point inhibitors can be enhanced using Immune modulators and other key agents including low dose therapies.
  • The effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy on immune regulation.
  • Optimal combinations involving sequencing of different modalities.
  • The role of the Cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG etc in the enhancement of anti cancer activity.
  • CAR – T cell immunotherapy, from T cells to ultimate adoptive immunotherapy