England Regional Council

The England Regional Council (ERC) is comprised of the Chair, 4 regionally Elected Council Members and 11 Regional Advisors.

The role of the four elected Elected Council members is to attend College Council meetings and to liaise with the College’s Member and Regional Engagement Team and relevant Regional Advisors within their geographical area. The role of these Regional Advisors is to create influential links with the local stakeholders and build strong relationships with other key decision-makers to ensure that the College has a valued voice. The advisors also filter and amplify relevant local information for the College and communicate this information back to the College on a regular basis. 


ERC Chair

  • Vacant

    Chair, England Regional Council

Regionally Elected Members

  • Dr Paul Barrett

    England, North Region

  • Dr Adrian Bateman

    England, South Region

  • Professor Sebastian Brandner

    England, London Region

  • Dr Laszlo Igali

    England, East Midlands Region

Regional Advisors

  • Vacant

    Regional Advisor (East Midlands)

  • Dr Waria Mohamid

    Regional Advisor (East of England)

  • Dr Nipin Bagla

    Regional Advisor (Kent, Surrey and Sussex)

  • Dr Albert Mifsud

    Regional Advisor (London North, Central and East)

  • Dr Nandini Shetty

    Regional Advisor (London North, Central and East)

  • Dr Rohini Manuel

    Regional Advisor (London South)

  • Dr Tim Lang

    Regional Advisor (North East)

  • Dr Adewunmi Oriolowo

    Regional Advisor (South West)

  • Vacant

    Regional Advisor (Thames Valley)

  • Dr Humayun Ahmad

    Regional Advisor (West Midlands)

  • Vacant

    Regional Advisor (Yorkshire and the Humber)