National Quality Assessment Advisory Panel in Cellular Pathology

External quality assessment (EQA) is a key technique through which laboratories can assure themselves, their users, the wider health service and the public that their work is of an appropriate quality and is in line with their peers nationally. 

The Cellular Pathology National Quality Assessment Advisory Panel (NQAAP) oversees the running of External Quality Assessment Schemes in Histopathology and Cytopathology. The range of schemes consists of technical schemes which assess the quality of the technical work laboratories produce and interpretative schemes that test the quality of interpretation laboratory tests by pathologists. The panel oversees the techniques each scheme uses, the annual activities of each scheme and investigates persistent poor performance by laboratories or individual pathologists.

The work of the panel ensures a uniform standard of EQA across the country. This is an essential part of ensuring that the work of cellular pathology laboratories and their contribution to clinical services, particularly in cancer, is of a uniformly high standard. Participation in EQA maintains the skills of individual pathologists both through the discipline of regular assessment against the work of their peers and through the educational value that is inherent in EQA participation.

Chair: Dr Judy Wyatt

Committee Members