Publishing content on the College website

The College’s Publishing and Digital team are responsible for creating and commissioning content for the website. We work with staff, members and volunteers to edit existing content and manage any new requests.

Process for requesting content

  1. Please submit your suggested change through this form, providing as much detail as possible. If you’d like to submit changes for another section of the website, please fill out a separate form.
  2. The College’s Publishing and Digital team will review the change with the teams that look after the relevant area of the website.
  3. If the change requires further discussion, we will contact you for more information and/or provide advice about the best approach.
  4. If the change requires new or additional content, College staff will either draft some copy for your approval or ask you and other relevant members to provide it.
  5. Once a change has been reviewed and agreed, we will notify you and share links to the new or updated page(s).

If you need any help with using this form or submitting a content request, please contact us at [email protected].


  • All content published on the College website must have a clear benefit to users. These may include members, other health care organisations, policymakers or the general public.
  • This form is for requests to add or change content. It should not be used to suggest technical changes, such as new functionality – any ideas for these should be sent to the College’s Senior Digital Officer via [email protected].
  • For more complex content changes, please make your suggestions as far in advance as possible. This could be a request that involves the creation of a completely new section, where we would have to source additional content from scratch. It can take time to work through options with the relevant members and staff to identify the most appropriate and effective solution.
  • Please provide as much detail as possible about the reason for the request. This will help us identify the best way to meet your end goal.