Chemical Pathology NQAAP

National Quality Assurance Advisory Panels (NQAAPs) have responsibility for monitoring of External Quality Assurance (EQA) schemes in each of the disciplines of pathology and through them the performance of the UK laboratories participating in those schemes.

The NQAAP for Chemical Pathology has delegated responsibility from the Quality Assurance in Pathology Committee (QAPC) for supporting patient safety by promoting, coordinating and protecting high professional standards in technical EQA and encouraging development of appropriate technical EQA schemes. 

It’s main responsibilities are:

  • Reviewing and approving all technical EQA Schemes in Clinical Biochemistry. This will include agreeing criteria for performance standards and the management of persistent poor performance in these schemes
  • Receiving information on persistently poorly performing laboratories from EQA Scheme organisers (within two weeks of a laboratory being identified as a persistently poor performer)
  • Agreeing with EQA scheme organisers’ mechanisms for resolution of persistent poor performance. Generally, the scheme organiser will contact the laboratory in accordance with the scheme standard operating procedure and inform the Chair of the Panel with the proposed remedial action to be taken including the timescale.

If this does not lead to a resolution, the Chair of the Panel will offer advice to the laboratory / individual and, if appropriate, will arrange a visit to the laboratory by a Panel member or an agreed expert at the expense of the laboratory. At this point the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) will be notified for laboratories accredited in the UK.

If persistent poor performance remains unresolved the Chair of the Panel will submit a report to the Chair of the QAPC, who will write a formal letter to the head of department copied to the CEO of the parent organisation outlining the issue(s) and giving notice that failure to engage in corrective actions will result in reporting to CQC. The chair will report such laboratories to the appropriate regulator at the appropriate point in time.

Chair: Dr Phillip Monaghan

Committee Members