How many CPD credits can I claim?

You can claim CPD credits for any activity which relates to your Personal Development Plan (PDP) and for which you derived educational benefit.  This includes:

  • clinical audits
  • multidisciplinary team meetings
  • research and reading in your own time.

An activity should only be claimed for if an educational benefit has been gained by performing the activity, if no educational benefit is gained by performing an activity than you should not claim CPD credits for it.

To understand how many credits to claim for an activity, first refer to our 'What activities qualify for CPD?' document below.

Multidisciplinary team (MDT) meetings

You may claim 1 CPD credit per MDT meeting, up to a maximum of 50 credits per CPD year.  In order to claim credits, you must enter a reflective note for each MDT meeting, stating clearly what you learned from that meeting.  You should not include any confidential or sensitive information in this note.

Guidance on writing reflective notes

A reflective note should be a summary of what you have learnt without providing personal or sensitive information about third parties.

  1. Provide a brief description of what you are reflecting on.
  2. What are your thoughts/feelings of the event?
  3. Analyse the event. In this section you should make clear the educational benefit of the activity.

Please do not include patient names or other identifiable details such as date of birth, address.


If you undertake an educational activity that is not listed in the RCPath credit allocation guidelines, don’t worry – you can ‘self-accredit’ to claim CPD credits from that activity. To record self-accredited activities, simply log them in your online portfolio along with relevant supporting information to verify your claim.

For any activity that you found educationally beneficial, you may self-accredit at a rate of 1 CPD credit per hour, up to a maximum of 50 credits per year for any one activity.