Request mentoring support

If you are interested in being partnered with a mentor, please send a completed application form to the Clinical Effectiveness Department outlining your reasons for applying, what help you would like to receive from a mentor and details of your proposed CQI activity. We also need to know what you hope to gain from involvement in the scheme so we can identify a mentor whose expertise best fits your goals.

Once partnered, you will discuss the objectives of your project with your mentor and decide together the frequency and format of meetings - these may be by email, Skype, phone or face to face. Once you have agreed how you will work together, the mentoring partnership can truly begin. Your mentor will provide feedback, identify areas for personal development and support you in creating action plans to meet your objectives. At the end of the relationship, you will review your objectives with your mentor and together identify potential next steps. 

The College expects the following from mentees:

  • to abide by the College’s code of conduct
  • to complete and submit a simple application form with an outline of their proposed CQI activity
  • to maintain a good level of communication with their mentor
  • to complete actions within the timeframe agreed with their mentor
  • to notify the College on completion of their CQI activity
  • to provide feedback to the College about their experience of their mentoring partnership 
  • to submit a final report of their CQI activity to be considered for publication in the Bulletin.  

Download an application form

Send your completed application form to