Patient Safety Awareness Week

The College is pleased to announce that we have launched our Patient Safety Awareness Week 8-14 March.

The aim of this week is to raise awareness of patient safety and the many engaging ways in which the College can support members in improving safety in the workplace. We will be providing a range of resources and interactive activities to support members and encourage everyone to get involved.

Find out more about what the College has to offer to give you the confidence, knowledge and skills you need to make a change and improve patient care. There will be plenty of ways that you can take part, including:

  • tuning in to our podcasts, featuring in-depth conversations including a College member and a patient undergoing breast cancer treatment
  • watching videos of our members discussing cases that foster a vital safety culture of ‘no blame and shame’ in the lab
  • getting involved by creating your own photo pledge by downloading out printable patient safety banner
  • entering our essay competition, reflecting on what patient safety means to you in the workplace—there is a prize!

“Health care systems are complex adaptive systems and human beings are equally complex and adaptive creatures. To solve complex problems, the solutions are complex too. The risk of harm will always be there but it is how we train health care professionals to handle and mitigate the risk bringing to minimum or no harm to our patients."

-Dr Muhammad Aslam

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