Winners of the Research Medal Awards 2019

The College received an exceptionally high standard of applications for the 2019 medals. Thank you to everyone who applied. The winners are listed here.

Gold medal

Dr Sarah Aitken – Histopathology
CTCF maintains regulatory homostasis of cancer pathways
Publication: Genome Biology, 2018

Silver medals

Dr Edward Bevan – Medical Microbiology
Paper: Acquisition and Loss of CTX-M-Producing and Non-Producing Escherichia coli in the Fecal Microbiome of Travelers to South Asia
Publication: mBio, November/December 2018

David Church – Chemical Pathology
Paper: Assessment and Management of Anti-Insulin Autoantibodies in Varying Presentations of Insulin Autoimmune System
Publication: Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, October 2018

Dr Rohit Ghurye – Clinical Immunology
Paper: Novel ADA2 mutation presenting with neutropenia, lymphopenia and bone marrow failure in patients with deficiency in adenosine deaminase 2 (DADA2)
Publication: British Journal of Haematology, March 2019

Dr Harry R Haynes – Histopathology
Paper: shRNA-mediated PPARa knockdown in human glioma stem cells reduces in vitro proliferation and inhibits orthotopic xenograft tumour growth.
Publication: Journal of Pathology, April 2019

Dr John Jones – Haematology
Paper: Clonal evolution in myeloma: the impact of maintenance lenalidomide and depth of response on the genetics and sub-clonal structure of relapsed disease in uniformly treated newly diagnosed patients
Publication: Haematologica, February 2019