Workforce annual report

We prepare an annual overview of the work done on workforce planning for medical and clinical scientific staffing, which includes internal Quality Assurance measures for job description review and AACs.  We circulate this to stakeholders, which helps us communicate with members to engage them with the work of the College. 


It is vital to collate accurate aggregated and anonymised data, with which the College can petition the government and advise other relevant professional groups, including Health Education England (HEE), of the results.  The better the data the College has, the more able it is to bid for resources.

  • Advances in technology and the development of augmented intelligence do not decrease workload; the workload just changes and requires specialist knowledge to diagnose and interpret the results.
  • We are encouraging NHS Digital to change the classifications of the pathology specialties in the electronic staff record (ESR) so that they are more up to date.

Download the full report for 2017

Read the detailed findings of our annual report and our recommendations for safeguarding the UK's pathology workforce.