The College has launched its most ambitious and comprehensive survey of the pathology workforce to date.

The College advocates for pathology services but we can only do this if we have the right evidence and data. The results of the survey will be used to influence politicians and policymakers.

Guidance on completion

Many questions can be answered with a tick box; however, some will require more information and data collection. We appreciate you may not have information on the whole pathology service, therefore, further input may be required from Heads of Departments and Lab Operational Leads. To make completion of the survey as simple as possible:

  1. We have separated the survey into three specialty groups. Please select the survey that relates to your specialty/specialties.
  2. Alongside each survey link you will find an excel document including several tabs. This document can be downloaded and forwarded onto colleagues to complete.

It is important that we only receive one return per service and if you are part of a network, one return per network. If you are unable to source all the information requested, please complete what you can and mention in the free text comments section what information is unavailable. 

The deadline for completing the survey is Friday 26 May 2023.

We know that many of you have recently provided us with data, which we really appreciate. We are launching a new model of data collection and need contemporaneous data for us to analyse. If you have just sent data to NHSE/I and have that to hand, please send us this information instead.

Blood sciences survey

The blood sciences survey includes clinical biochemistry/chemical pathology, haematology, histocompatibility & immunogenetics (H&I), immunology, reproductive science & genomics, and transfusion medicine.

To access the blood sciences survey, click here.

Downloadable blood sciences survey questions in Excel:

Questions for BLOOD SCIENCES.xlsx


Diagnostics survey 

The diagnostics survey includes cellular pathology, with dermatopathology, molecular pathology, oral & maxillofacial pathology, and diagnostic cytology practice, digital pathology, paediatric work covered by cellular pathologists, advanced practitioners and coroners’ / procurator fiscals’ post mortems, plus forensic pathology, neuropathology and paediatric & perinatal pathology.

To access the diagnostics survey, click here.

Downloadable diagnostics survey questions in Excel:

Questions for DIAGNOSTICS.xlsx


Infection survey

The infection survey includes microbiology and virology.

To access the infection survey, click here.

Downloadable infection survey questions in Excel:

Questions for INFECTION.xlsx


Veterinary pathology survey

The documents for veterinary pathology will be uploaded by close of play on Thursday 16 March.

To access the veterinary pathology survey, click here.

Downloadable veterinary pathology survey questions in Excel:



Frequently asked questions

If you have a query, please explore our FAQs below for guidance. You can also contact the Workforce team on [email protected]

RCPath Workforce survey 2023

Why is the College undertaking the survey?

Who is the survey being sent to?

How many pathology specialties will this survey cover?

What will the survey cover?

How will the survey be undertaken and will responses be kept confidential?

When will the results of the survey be published?