Workforce Planning Census

The College is committed to developing and maintaining a position as a trusted source of advice on the medical and clinical scientist pathology workforce.  This involves collecting accurate and reliable data on all consultants and SAS grade doctors in pathology in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. This information is crucial for ensuring that workforce planning is evidence-based, robust and flexible enough to respond to the ever-changing landscape of the NHS and technological developments.

As part of this commitment, we have established an online census of individual consultants and SAS grade doctors employed in the UK.  If you are a UK consultant, consultant equivalent, SAS grade doctor or trainee in active practice, please click on the pink and complete the page of questions with your relevant workforce details. Pathologists who have retired or are temporarily not in practice do not need to complete the census.  

The information you provide will be used in anonymised form for workforce planning purposes, and we need to have full confidence in our data before making submissions to those responsible for the development and commissioning of pathology services in the UK.  We hope that by highlighting any issues using reliable aggregated data from pathologists themselves we can support policy development and workforce planning so that it can adapt and address any workforce problems in the future.  

When accurate workforce data is available, we intend to produce and publish a report making recommendations, signposting notable trends and providing an overview of pathology staffing in the UK.  This will include results from the census, anonymised and aggregated, to provide a breakdown of the response rate by specialty, and an analysis of all respondents i.e. number, gender, age, region, workload patterns and potential retirement plans.  

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey.