Spring 2023 Examination Dates

Applications will open Friday 2nd December 2022 and close Friday 6th January 2023. The withdrawal deadline is Monday 23 January. The examination period will be from Monday 20th March to Friday 28th April. 

Results will be issued on Friday 19th May. 

While we aim to have all exam dates finalised ahead of the closing deadline, for some examinations this will be dependent on the number of candidates and so the dates for these may only finalised after the application closing date. Once known, dates will be published below:

Certificates and Diplomas

  • Certificate in Medical Genetics: Friday 24th March
  • Certificate of Higher Autopsy Training (CHAT): Friday 21st April 
  • Combined Infection Certificate (CICE): Friday 24th March
  • Dermatopathology Diploma (written): Tuesday 28th March 

Part 1 

  • Clinical Biochemistry Part 1: Tuesday 21st March
  • Haematology Part 1: Friday 24th March
  • Histopathology Part 1: Tuesday 21st March
  • Immunology Part 1: Wednesday 22nd March 
  • Infection Part 1: Friday 24th March
  • Medical Microbiology and Virology Part 1: Friday 24th March
  • Oral Pathology Part 1: Wednesday 22nd March 
  • Toxicology Part 1: Wednesday 22nd March
  • Veterinary Clinical Pathology Part 1: Wednesday 22nd March 

Part 2

  • Clinical Biochemistry Part 2 Module 1:  Monday 24th April 
  • Clinical Biochemistry Part 2 Module 2:  Tuesday 25th April 
  • Forensic Pathology Part 2: Monday 3rd, Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th April
  • Genetics Part 2 Practical: Wednesday 5th April 
  • Genetics Part 2 Oral: Tuesday 4th April 
  • Haematology Part 2: Wednesday 26th, Thursday 27th and Friday 28th April 
  • Haematology Clinical Science Part 2: Friday 28th April 
  • Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics Part 2 Practical: Friday 14th April 
  • Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics Part 2 Oral: Thursday 13th April 
  • Histopathology Part 2: Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th April
  • Immunology Part 2 Practical: Friday 21st April
  • Immunology Part 2 Oral:  Thursday 20th April 
  • Medical Microbiology Part 2: Monday 3rd April 
  • Neuropathology: TBC
  • Oral Pathology: Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th April 
  • Paediatric Pathology Part 2: TBC
  • Toxicology Part 2: TBC
  • Transfusion Science Part 2: Tuesday 4th April 
  • Veterinary Clinical Pathology Part 2: TBC
  • Virology Part 2: Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th April