Chemical Pathology

The Stage A Examination is primarily intended to be a test of competency and aptitude for further training in the specialty. The Stage A Examination questions will be simple uncomplicated scenarios and you will not be expected to have a detailed knowledge of the analytical methodologies, or the diagnosis or management of complicated or rare cases.

You should expect to be asked to perform practical procedures such as point of care testing, including urinalysis, perform simple calculations and comment on clinical cases which involve the interpretation of biochemical data. In the calculation questions, if a particular formula or equation is needed, then this will be given in the question paper. It is important that you record how you performed any calculation in your answer paper, since the method by which you arrived at your answer, as well as the numerical value you give, will all attract marks.

You are allowed to bring your own electronic calculator.

The number of answers required for each question, or part of a question, will be clearly stated in the question paper. The assessors will mark the answers in the order in which you give them, up to the number of answers specified in the question, or part of the question. Any answers in excess of the number specified will be disregarded by the assessors.

There will be 19 stations and you will have 9 minutes at each station.


Chemical Pathology Stage A Examination

Stage A Examination

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