New Trainee Welcome Day 2019


At the event, we used an audience interaction platform called Slido. This allowed trainees to submit questions throughout the day. Below are the questions that were asked and answered. 

Questions and Answers

The College

Is there any realistic scope for digital pathology?

Does the College have any groups/resources to support global health activities related to pathology?

Why so many white men in the portraits?

What alternative names are being considered for chemical pathology?

What are the histopathology images in the bathrooms of?

Training - General

How/when do we receive our national training numbers?

How does the college help to ensure that training across deaneries has a similar standard? Does it look at failure rates in exams in the different deaneries?

Are there any opportunities set out by the College to get an “out of UK” experience as part of our training?

Have there been any incidences of dual training with a clinical specialty? Is this possible?

Is there a maximum amount of time (years) that you must successfully complete your training? And if so, how does this differ with maternity leave?

Training - Histopathology

If we start training on one curriculum are we transferred to a new curriculum or stay on an old one?

How will the EPA levels work in histopathology training? Most of our work is closely supervised throughout training?

It would be a good idea to have more generalism in the histopathology training? (i.e. more general histopathology training prior to going for Neuropath and PPP path)

Will part time training or out of programme regulations change with the new curriculum?

Training - Medical Microbiology and Medical Virology

How come you can’t do medical microbiology and virology dual training?

Will medical microbiology continue to be a single programme or will it change for all programmes to be dual CCT ID/Microbiology?


Suggestion: leave the MSF open throughout the year rather than being time limited and have to be opened by college staff.


Is there info about the exam on the RCPath website?

Is it possible to apply for extra time for the Stage A exam?

How can we prepare for Stage A examination in Chemical Pathology?

What is the format for the FRCPath Part 1 exam?

How many extended questions are in the FRCPath part 1 exam?

Are infection trainees able to sit exams when they go out of programme?

Can histopathology trainees sit exams when they are out of programme or on parental leave?

Could a histopathologist sit the certificate in medical genetics?

Which centre is the CHAT exam held at?

Is there a maximum number of attempts for a trainee to sit FRCPath Part 1 and 2?

What to read for FRCPath Part 1 and Part 2 exams? Any questions bank?


If a subspecialty is being made into a post CCT credential will this still be included in FRCPath exams?