New Trainee Welcome Day 2020

This year the event was held virtually on Monday 7 September 2020. 


Videos of the Presentations

Individual Presentations 

At the event, we used an audience interaction platform called Slido. this allowed trainees to submit questions throughout the day. Below are the questions that were asked and answered.

Questions and Answers


Will histopathology ST1 2020-2021 shift towards the new curriculum?

have heard previous ST1s have re-interviewed as ST1 to transfer to another Deanery, is there a better way to transfer if we were placed far from home?

The trainee advisory committee talk mentioned some interesting activities and opportunities. Where can we find them?

When can we hope to receive our NTN?

How do we make up the numbers for gynae cytology? Can teaching sets be used?

When will ARCP be this year?

Is there any specific support for less than full time trainees (including advice about amended CCT dates/ARCPs)?


Will there be an OPSE exam for histopathology ST1s 2020-2021?

What is the current format of part 1 exams? Are they paper/computer based?

Is there a specific resource for preparing Part 1?

Will all Part 1 exams be online in future or is it an interim measure

Would the college be prepared to provide sessions for Part 1 exams?


With regards to our LEPT to upload a monthly supervision meeting, would I just upload it as a resource every time and are PDPs the same?

When we finish the HEE genomics module, where do we upload the certificate? States in curriculum it is 2 CBDs but nowhere in the CBD section to upload?