Chemical Pathology

This section of the website is for chemical pathology and chemical pathology (metabolic medicine) trainees, or those interested in pursuing a CCT in chemical pathology.

Chemical Pathology Curriculum 2010

Chemical Pathology Clarification Exam Guidance

Metabolic Medicine Curriculum 2010

Metabolic Medicine is a subspecialty of Chemical Pathology. 

Entry into Metabolic Medicine is possible following successful completion of both a foundation programme and a core training programme. There are two core training programmes for Metabolic Medicine training:

  • Core Medical Training (CMT)
  • Acute Care Common Stem - Acute Medicine (ACCS-AM)

Further information and a curriculum is availble on the JRCPTB website.

Chemical Pathology Blueprint 2010

Previous versions of the curricula can be obtained from the Training Department.

Chemical Pathology ARCP Decision Aids

The purpose of the decision aids is to help ensure a consistent approach to the Chemical Pathology ARCP process across Training Programmes and should be completed at the time of the ARCP.

  • Chemical Pathology ARCP Guidance May 2020

    ARCP Guidance for Chemical Pathology and Chemical Pathology (Metabolic Medicine) during the Covid-19 Outbreak for ARCPs held between May and August 2020.

    The Royal College of Pathologists May 2020