Audit Evaluator

Location: UK

Why should I apply?

The certification of high-quality clinical audit was established to foster high-quality clinical audits and to quality assure the standard of clinical audits by examining whether the criteria and standards set out by the College are met appropriately for the specialty. An Evaluator Panel was set up to provide anonymous evaluation of submitted audit reports in a timely manner. The system is completely electronic and all work is conducted by email. The entire evaluation process takes approximately 28 days from the applicant’s perspective. Evaluators are asked to complete all evaluations within 2 weeks and each evaluation process should not take longer than fifteen minutes to complete. Any feedback made by the evaluators will be anonymised so that it can be shared with the applicant.

Who should apply?

We are looking for evaluators across cellular pathology, clinical biochemistry, haematology and medical microbiology. You should be a Fellow actively participating in the RCPath CPD scheme, interested in clinical audit and undertaking high-quality clinical audits. You will be responsible for evaluating whether the criteria and standards of audits for certification are met appropriately for your own specialty. Further details on this process can be found here.

What does the role entail? 

The Audit Evaluator will be responsible for evaluating whether the criteria and standards for audits for certification are met appropriately for your specialty:

  • to identify and judge the appropriateness of standards, methodologies and action plans of an audit report
  • to be able to identify the different methodology between an audit, survey or research
  • to identify that there are not repetition of action plans that may lead to underperformance in the complete audit cycle
  • identifying that the re-audit dates included are appropriate
  • be as specific as possible when providing comments, referencing page numbers where appropriate
  • encourage better quality audits by providing positive comment to fail audit reports
  • to evaluate a first time audit, its re-audit and/or its audit resubmission (if an audit were to fail) 
  • maintain integrity and confidentiality at all times when reviewing an audit report 
  • to evaluate an audit application within two weeks
  • to inform the Professional Guidelines department (as soon as possible) if you cannot undertake an audit evaluation.

How do I apply?

To apply please submit an abridged CV, one of your own audit reports, and a statement in support of your application (no more than 500 words), explaining how your skills and experience meet the person specification and how you would approach the role if appointed.

Maria Marrero-Feo
020 7451 6737
[email protected]