Our UK Regions


In this section, you will find information on work carried out by the College and our members throughout the United Kingdom. Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales are governed by their own representative councils and, within England, there are a smaller subset of English regions, each headed up by a regional advisor. 

Our regional councils

Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

The College has councils of local clinicians and scientists directing activity in all parts of the UK. The chairs of the Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales Regional Councils represent their respective areas on the College's Council and Trustee Board.

The role of the regional council members is to provide professional leadership in their regions and contribute nationally to the maintenance and development of pathology services and the quality of care that patients receive. 


The England Regional Council is comprised of the Chair, four regionally elected Council Members and 11 Regional Advisors. The role of the four elected Council Members is to attend College Council meetings and to liaise with the College’s Member and Regional Engagement Team and relevant Regional Advisors within their geographical area. 

The role of these Regional Advisors is to create influential links with the local stakeholders and build strong relationships with other key decision-makers to ensure that the College has a valued voice. The advisors also filter and amplify relevant local information for the College and communicate this information back to the College on a regular basis.