Wales Regional Council

The role of the Wales Regional Council members is to provide professional leadership in their country and contribute at a national level to the maintenance and development of pathology services and the quality of care that patients receive. Members create influential linkages with the local stakeholders and build strong relationships with other key decision-makers to ensure that the College has a valued voice. They also filter and amplify relevant information for the College and communicate this information back to the College on a regular basis. 

Wales Regional Council membership

  • Dr Jonathan Kell

    Chair, Wales Regional Council (Elected 2018-2021)

  • Dr Huyam Abdelsalam

    Elected 2016-2019 (Cellular Pathology)

  • Ms Helen Archer

    IBMS representative (Observer)

  • Dr Geoffrey Armstrong

    Clinical Science Workforce Representative

  • Dr Adam Christian

    Elected 2018-2021 (Cellular Pathology

  • Dr Adam Dallmann

    Observer, Histopathology Trainee Representative

  • Dr Angharad P Davies

    Elected 2016-2019 (Medical Microbiology)

  • Dr Tariq El-shanawany

    Elected member 2017-2020

  • Dr Ian Frayling

    Elected member 2017-2020 (Genetics)

  • Dr Anu Gunavardhan

    Member 2019-2022

  • Dr Brendan Healy

    Co-opted member (Public Engagement Regional Coordinator - PERC)

  • Dr Jim Seale

    Elected 2016-2019 (Haematology)

  • Professor Meena Upadhyaya


  • Dr Victoria Ware

    Observer, Haematology Trainee Representative

  • Dr Esther Youd

    Assistant Registrar (Ex-officio)