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  • Pathology Undergraduate Curriculum

  • RCPath Patient Safety Quality Strategy 2019

  • Working Group on Cancer Services Minutes - November 2018

  • PathoPic

    PathoPic is a powerful search engine that enables you to search and filter pathology images and slides by topography, diagnostic group, stain, magnification and more.

  • Pathology Outlines

    Pathology Outlines is a multi-authored online textbook covering a wide range of topics with macroscopic and microscopic pathology images.

  • Duke Medicine Pathology and Virtual Microscopy Resources

    The Duke University Medical School website gives comprehensive coverage by topic, broken down into a 19-week course and by case, complete with diagnoses. Includes a medical definitions of key vocabulary terms.

  • Leeds University Pathology E-learning

    The Leeds University Pathology E-learning website has a dedicated undergraduate section with lecture slides, covering a range of pathology topics.

  • Atlas of Pathology

    The Atlas of Pathology website hosts microscopic explained images of basic pathology lesions along with accompanying text.

  • Michigan Medicine Virtual Slide List

    The Michigan Histology and Virtual Microscopy Learning Resources website has a list of virtual slides, sorted by topic, with a brief description.

  • Pathpedia e-Atlas

    The Pathpedia e-Atlas hosts macroscopic and microscopic images and can be viewed by system (e.g. kidney).