Scotland Regional Council

The role of the Scotland Regional Council members is to provide professional leadership in Scotland and contribute at a national level to the maintenance and development of pathology services and the quality of care that patients receive. Members create influential linkages with the local stakeholders and build strong relationships with other key decision-makers to ensure that the College has a valued voice. They also filter and amplify relevant information for the College and communicate this information back to the College on a regular basis.

Scotland Regional Council members

  • Professor Peter Johnston

    Chair, Scotland Regional Council

  • Mr Jim Allison

    Scottish Clinical Biochemistry Network (SCBN) Representative

  • Dr David Baty

    Genetics (Clinical Scientist)

  • Dr Catherine Black

    Cellular Pathology (NHS Lothian)

  • Dr Charu Chopra

    Immunology Representative

  • Dr Lorna Cottrell

    Cellular Pathology, NHS Ayrshire and Arran

  • Dr Bernie Croal

    President, Royal College of Pathologists

  • Dr Leighanne Deboys

    Forensic Pathology, University of Aberdeen

  • Dr Noha El Sakka

    Vice President, Communications; Scottish Virology and Microbiology Network (SMVN)

  • Dr David Hopkins

    Trainee Representative (Medical)

  • Ms Gillian McGaffin

    Haematology and Transfusion Scottish Network (Co-opted)

  • Dr Anca Oniscu

    Molecular Pathology (NHS Lothian)

  • Miss Emma-Louise Reid

    Trainee Representative (Clinical Science)

  • Professor Catherine Ross

    Scottish Government - observer

  • Dr David Stirling

    NHS National Services Scotland

  • Dr Antonia Torgersen

    Neuropathology, NHS Lothian