College assessors for medical appointment committees

Location: UK

Our Workforce department is seeking to recruit new AAC assessors.

An Advisory Appointments Committee (AAC) is a legally constituted interview panel established by an employing body when appointing consultants. The function of an AAC is to decide which, if any, of the applicants is suitable for appointment and to make a recommendation to the employing body.

What does the role entail?

As a College assessor, you will:

  • take part in the shortlisting process, checking whether each candidate meets the essential criteria in the person specification for the post for which they have applied
  • provide a fair and impartial contribution towards the shortlisting and appointment process within current legislation and employment practice
  • ask questions at the AAC that probe a candidate’s training and background
  • be part of the overall deliberations that decide whether each candidate is appointable
  • contribute to the decision-making process of ranking the candidates
  • ensure that the process of appointment is conducted fairly and any issues of potential discrimination are raised with the employing body
  • feedback to the College after the appointment.

For more information, download a copy of our guide to the AAC process:

Why should I apply?

We attach great importance to the duties of its assessors on AACs; they act as our spokesperson regarding the adequacy of the candidate's suitability for the post.

College assessors nominated to sit on AACs play a vital role in helping us uphold the highest standards of pathological practice in all specialties. 

One of the five core members of the committee must be an assessor nominated by the College. The assessor’s role is to ensure that the recommended candidate or candidates are suitably trained to take up the post. The College assessor is the only statutory external influence on an AAC.

What’s the commitment?

Completion of the application form does not commit you to anything.  You may decline requests when not convenient.  If you agree to represent the College, we will not usually ask you again for at least 3 months.

You will be contacted if an appropriate appointment comes up, where you are located at a reasonable distance from the employing body and are in the correct specialty (or subspecialty).  If you are available and agree to represent the College on an appointment committee, we will ask you to complete a declaration form.

We then send a confirmation email with information about the appointment, including contact details of the medical staffing. You will be contacted by the employing body to confirm your attendance as well as your involvement in the shortlisting process and to outline the employing body’s expenses travel policy. The employing body is responsible for paying all expenses relating to the AAC and all claims should be submitted to them directly.

Once the AAC has made its decision, please use the feedback form to inform us of the name and GMC number of the candidate(s) who has/have been appointed.  Please also notify the us should any problems arise during or after the AAC.

We welcome any volunteers and we are particularly looking for assessors in the specialties: Chemical Pathology, Medical Microbiology, Neuropathology, Paediatric Pathology, and Immunology.

The minimum requirements to be a College assessor on an AAC are:

  • to be a UK College Fellow listed on the GMC Specialist Register or equivalent and participating in a CPD Scheme
  • to have been a consultant or equivalent for a minimum of three years
  • to be in active practice
  • to have up to date training on Equality and Diversity legislation.

How do I apply?

To apply please complete the form below.

Applications must be submitted to [email protected] 

Reshma Patel
020 7451 6725
[email protected]