FRCPath Examination: Senior Examiner


Examiners are appointed by Council on the recommendation of the Examinations Committee. Individuals may be nominated by the relevant SAC or the Panel Chair. Alternatively, applications from eligible Fellows of the College may be accepted following open advertisement by the College. The Examinations Committee will normally take advice from the Panel Chair for that specialty in deciding on accepting a nomination. Initial appointment will be for 5 years. Continuation as an examiner will be subject to annual review by the Panel Chair.

To examine candidates presenting for the College examinations you will be asked

  • To produce questions for College examinations and mark examination scripts or other work by candidates in the specialty.
  • To assess candidates’ knowledge and skills at oral and practical examinations in the specialty.
  • To assess written projects where applicable.
  • To assess applications for Fellowship on the Basis of Published Works.


Examinations are a core activity of the College's work and examiners make a huge contribution to the successful delivery of the internationally recognised FRCPath examinations. Senior examiners build on the knowledge and experience of their examination and can go on contribute to the development of the examination as a Lead Examiner or Panel Chair. Many examiner activities are recognised for CPD.



  • must keep up to date with scientific, medical and educational developments in the specialty.
  • will be expected to examine on a minimum of three occasions during the five year period.
  • must be prepared to undertake training in the examination process arranged by the College.
  • sent written work for assessment should return their assessment within the stipulated timeframe to the Examinations Department. If they are unable to complete their assessment in this time, they should let the Examinations Department or Panel Chair know so that an alternative examiner can be asked to complete the assessment.

Senior Examiners:

  • should be a Fellow of the College, normally for at least 5 years, undertaking Continuing Professional Development.
  • should be in active clinical practice or research.
  • should normally work in UKAS registered or accredited laboratories (where relevant to the specialty).
  • must be involved in training and educational supervision.
  • should be in a substantive post (minimum 5 years). 
  • should have evidence that they participate in EQA schemes where appropriate.


Please complete the application form and return it to 

Examiner Application Form