College Council

Meeting four times a year, the primary focus of Council is on the practice of pathology as a profession, including all the professional, clinical and educational functions of the College.


  • Dr Mike Osborn


  • Professor Sarah Coupland

    Vice President, Communications

  • Dr Angharad Davies

    Vice President, Learning

  • Professor Peter Johnston

    Vice President, Professionalism

  • Dr Andrew Boon


  • Dr Lance Sandle


  • Dr Esther Youd

    Assistant Registrar

  • Dr Bernie Croal

    Chair, Scotland Regional Council

  • Professor Ken Mills

    Chair, Northern Ireland Regional Council

  • Dr Jonathan Kell

    Chair, Wales Regional Council

  • Ms Jill Gauntlett

    Lay Trustee

  • Mr Robert Smith

    Lay Trustee

Nationally Elected Members

  • Professor Simon Cross


  • Professor Roger Feakins


  • Dr Giovanni Satta


  • Dr Ravinder Sodi


Regionally Elected Members

  • Dr Alison Robb

    England, North Region

  • Dr Negar Maghsoodi

    England, South Region

  • Dr Rachael Liebmann

    England, London Region

  • Dr Laszlo Igali

    England, Midlands & East of England Region

Co-opted Members

  • Dr John Snowden

    Chair, Intercollegiate Committee on Haematology

  • Avril Wayte

    Chair of the Clinical Science Committee

Observers by invitation

  • Dr Maadh Aldouri

    Clinical Director of International Activities

  • Dr Shubha Allard

    Clinical Director of Publishing and Engagement

  • Dr Paula Bolton-Maggs

    Chair, Transfusion Medicine SAC

  • Dr Nigel Brown

    Chair, Toxicology SAC

  • Professor Louise Burke

    Dean, Faculty of Pathology RCPI

  • Dr Matthew Clarke

    Chair, Trainees Advisory Committee

  • Dr Nicki Cohen

    Clinical Director of Training and Assessment

  • Professor Tim Dawson

    Chair, Neuropathology SAC

  • Dr Samantha Holden

    Chair, Pre/Perinatal/Paediatric Pathology SAC

  • Lt Col (Dr) Emma Hutley

    Military Observer

  • Dr Lynne Jamieson

    Chair, Dermatopathology SAC

  • Dr Louise Jones

    Chair, Genomics and Reproductive Science SAC

  • Dr Sacha Kolar

    Chair, Forensic Pathology SAC

  • Dr Ann-Margaret Little

    Chair, Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics SAC

  • Dr Berenice Lopez

    Clinical Director of Safety and Quality

  • Dr Sanjiv Manek

    Clinical Director of Examinations

  • Dr Hassan Rizvi

    Clinical Director of Digital Now

  • Professor Roberto La Ragione

    Chair, Veterinary Pathology SAC

  • Professor David Roberts

    Chair, Research Committee

  • Dr Kathryn Ryan

    Chair, Clinical Biochemistry SAC

  • Dr Kate Templeton

    Vice Chair, Joint Medical Microbiology and Medical Virology SAC

  • David Wells

    IBMS Representative

  • Dr Patrick Yong

    Interim Chair, Immunology SAC