College Council

Meeting four times a year, the primary focus of Council is on the practice of pathology as a profession, including all the professional, clinical and educational functions of the College.


  • Professor Mike Osborn


  • Professor Sarah Coupland

    Vice President, Communications

  • Professor Angharad Davies

    Vice President, Learning

  • Professor Peter Johnston

    Vice President, Professionalism

  • Dr Andrew Boon


  • Dr Lance Sandle


  • Dr Stephen Morley

    Assistant Registrar

  • Dr Gareth McKeeman

    Chair, Northern Ireland Regional Council

  • Dr Bernie Croal

    Chair, Scotland Regional Council

  • Dr Jonathan Kell

    Chair, Wales Regional Council

  • Dr Anita Hill

    Co-Opted Trustee

  • Dr Elijah Matovu

    Co-Opted Trustee

  • Ms Jill Gauntlett

    Lay Trustee

  • Mr Robert Smith

    Lay Trustee

  • Mr Vince Voon

    Lay Trustee

Nationally Elected Members

  • Professor Simon Cross


  • Professor Roger Feakins


  • Dr Giovanni Satta


  • Dr Ravinder Sodi


Regionally Elected Representatives

  • Dr Laszlo Igali

    England, Midlands & East Region

  • Dr Rachael Liebmann

    England, London Region

  • Dr Negar Maghsoodi

    England, South Region

  • Dr Ali Robb

    England, North Region

Co-opted Members

  • Dr John Ashcroft

    Chair, Intercollegiate Committee on Haematology

  • Dr Maadh Aldouri

    Chair of International Committee

  • Professor Neil Anderson

    Chair, Clinical Biochemistry SAC

  • Dr Lisa Ayers

    Chair, Clinical Science Committee

  • Dr Louise Jones

    Chair, Genomics and Reproductive Science SAC

  • Dr Darren Treanor

    Chair, Digital Pathology Committee

Observers by invitation

  • Dr Shubha Allard

    Clinical Director of Publishing and Engagement

  • Dr David Bailey

    Chair, Death Investigations Committee

  • Dr Adrian Bateman

    Chair, Cellular Pathology SAC

  • Professor Louise Burke

    Dean, Faculty of Pathology RCPI

  • Dr Matthew Clarke


    Dr Matthew Clarke submitted a nomination for the Furness Prize at the suggestion and with the support of Dr Ali Robb (Consultant Microbiologist, Newcastle upon Tyne) who he had worked with for several years as part of the ‘Path to Success’ event and on other projects. On winning this year's prize, Matt said:

    "It is a wonderful feeling to have won this year’s prize! I have been nominated on several other occasions years ago and was not successful so it is a very nice feeling and surprise! Thank you very much to the judges! Also, a huge thank you to the many friends, colleagues and teams I have worked with to enable my various projects to proceed – it could not have been done without all their input and hard work. Winning this prize will encourage me to continue pursuing my science communication projects with the general public, undergraduates and junior doctors. Having been forced to enter the virtual arena of event delivery due to COVID-19, I look forward to exploring and developing this format for other events in the future, helping to extend a wider reach to people who may be interested in knowing more about pathology and research, or who may be considering a career in the specialty."

    Here are some of Matt's public engagement activities:

    • A co-organiser of the RCPath/BDIAP Foundation & Undergraduate Taster Event for the past 2 years
    • A founding organiser of the ‘Path to Success’ event in Newcastle since 2016
    • one of four trainees (2 from the UK and 2 from the US) who authored the ‘Future of Pathology’ report and created blogs and tweets to promote the report
    • A speaker for a Liverpool Medical Student Research Committee event
    • Marked science projects written by college students from underprivileged backgrounds
    • Interviewed Professor Sir James Underwood for the College’s video on ‘Histopathology: past, present and future’
    • Facilitated the production of videos for Patient Safety Awareness Week
    • Chaired the College’s virtual seminar series delivered by Professor Jo Martin called ‘The Art and Science of Practical Management’
    • Published many articles in the ACP News and the College’s magazine, The Bulletin.


  • Dr Nicki Cohen

    Clinical Director of Training and Assessment

  • Dr Nigel Cooper

    Chair, Forensic Pathology SAC

  • Professor Paul Cross

    Chair, Cytopathology Sub-committee

  • Dr Samantha Holden

    Chair, Pre/Perinatal/Paediatric Pathology SAC

  • Lt Col (Dr) Emma Hutley

    Military Observer

  • Dr Lynne Jamieson

    Chair, Dermatopathology Sub-committee

  • Professor Roberto La Ragione

    Chair, Veterinary Pathology SAC

  • Dr Ann-Margaret Little

    Chair, Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics SAC

  • Dr Berenice Lopez

    Clinical Director of Safety and Quality (Chair of Quality Assurance in Pathology Committee)

  • Dr Sanjiv Manek

    Clinical Director of Examinations

  • Dr Shruthi Narayan

    Chair, Transfusion Medicine SAC

  • Professor David Roberts

    Chair, Research Committee

  • Professor The Hon. Richard Tedder

    Chair, Joint Medical Microbiology and Medical Virology SAC

  • David Wells

    IBMS Representative

  • Dr Stephen Wharton

    Chair, Neuropathology SAC

  • Dr Patrick Yong

    Chair, Immunology SAC