The College's 3-year strategy

The College’s strategy 2021–2024

The Royal College of Pathologists’ Strategy for 2021–2024 sets out our aims for promoting and advancing excellence in pathology.

The College’s members work in healthcare, universities and industry in the UK and overseas. The expertise of our membership is diverse, with 17 specialties covering both human and animal health.

We support our members in a wide range of ways and we are committed to delivering high-quality member services that promote diversity and inclusion. A high priority is to offer a range of continuing professional development accredited programmes of learning to support current and future members.

The College sets the standards for pathology education, training and research, to improve patient care and safety. Ensuring that the curricula, assessments and examinations provided meet the future requirements of the profession and are accessible to everyone interested in pursuing a career in pathology are vital in improving standards globally.

Patient care and safety are key areas for the College. We will work with our members to improve the services they deliver to patients in disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment. We will advocate for a properly resourced, supported and sustainable pathology workforce, and support the delivery of high-quality resources and robust frameworks that will benefit pathology practice.

By communicating the central role that pathology plays in patient care, outcomes and safety, we will strengthen our position as an expert body, extend our influence and affect national and international policy for the benefit of patients and pathologists.

Genomics services provide an opportunity to deliver tailored care for patients, both in terms of diagnosis and treatment. Pathologists will be vital to the delivery of these services and the College will work with members to ensure their voices are heard. We want a high-quality, comprehensive and user-friendly service with appropriate resource provision. 

Our new three-year strategy was developed with all of our members and patient care and safety at its core. It highlights the College's values, aims and our collective mission to shape the future of pathology.