The CMD ImPACT project is a unique collaboration between The Royal College of Pathologists, Cancer Research UK and the ABPI Pharmaceutical Oncology Initiative (POI).

Together we share a clear ambition - to improve cancer outcomes by making sure that patients with cancer have access to the stratified medicines they need.

The CMD ImPACT project has brought together complementary expertise from the three partner organisations to improve patient outcomes by exploring how to support the delivery of stratified medicine in the NHS.

This section of The Royal College of Pathologists website is dedicated to sharing one of the unique resources developed by the project – the CMD ImPACT business planning tool.

About the CMD ImPACT business planning tool

What does the tool allow laboratories and diagnostic service providers to do?

Why is this tool valuable?

Flexibility and use across a wide range of labs

Unique, rich analysis for practical planning of diagnostic operations

Provides the answers to what funders want to know

The CMD ImPACT business planning tool is a simple software programme and is powered by a MS Excel-based program that has been created and refined in conjunction with NHS pathology laboratories.

Outside of the Excel spreadsheet, these analytics, visual charts and insights also feed directly into a pre-populated, tailored Word document.

This acts as an adaptable business case template for laboratories to apply for more diagnostics funding.

Alternatively, laboratories can enter the analysis into other business case formats and documents. The tool is intuitive and easy to use with little or no training needed. The software works across all NHS computers, including Office 2003.

Watch this tutorial video to see how the tool works:



MS Word icon CMD ImPACT Business Case Template 



CMD ImPACT Business Planning Tool