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If you are running a pathology-related event or activity for a public (non-specialist) audience, please tell us about it here.

Even if your event is online, and/or only open to invited guests, please do fill in this form as we’d like to know what events are being run for non-pathologist audiences (and where).

If your event is open to the public and you’d like to advertise it on our website you can do this by filling in all of the fields in the section entitled ‘Event address’. If it is not open to the public please fill in the town and county fields only in this section.


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Please provide information about how attendees can book or sign up such as a online booking link or an email address. If participants can join in on the day without signing up beforehand, please state this

Event address

Please fill in all fields in this section if you want to advertise your event on our website. If it is not open to the public please just fill in the mandatory fields (town and county) – this is so we have a record of where public events are happening. We will only share the event location on our website if you have stated above that the event is open to the public.

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